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“If I could not hold a pen, I would write of you on my heart instead…”

Jason Upton’s In Your Presence (Morningstar)

Posted by GenX on 4 March, 2009


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Upcoming CBRs

Posted by GenX on 28 January, 2009

Wed, Jan 28

Thur, Jan 29

Fri, Jan 30

Sat, Jan 31

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Barack Obama and the Inauguration from one Christian’s perspective

Posted by GenX on 21 January, 2009

So it’s a little after 1 in the AM, and I’m tired so please forgive me that this post will probably be a bit all over the place; but I felt I had to at least write something in regards about the day.

Today, history was made.  Regardless if you voted for him or not, regardless if you like him or not, regardless if you agree with his political thinking or not… President Obama is a man that has brought about a new chapter in this nation’s history, after a few centuries of the second greatest sin (abortion being #1) I believe this young country has ever been involved in.

I tread softly on speaking about my political views in regards to President Obama, but I will say that there are some things I do not agree with him on as a Christian, and yet as I have stated before, now that the election process is over, Barack Obama is now president, and old things have now been set anew.  It is time to put childish things aside, and to pray for this nation’s president to be led not by man, or self, but by God.

With all this said, as I sat in my living room and watched him take office, a lot of raw emotion began to come forth.  I thought about my 67 year old mother who lived through the days of segregation.  I thought about my grandmother who was 99 before passing in 2006, and how she did not get to see the day when the harsh realities of what she had to live through was in some ways a confirmation that her suffering was not in vain.

And then other things came to mind, which I’m sure was talked about more times than anyone can count: How ironic for a black man to take office the day after MLK’s birthday is celebrated.  How ironic that a black man leads this country from the same building that was built on the backs of slaves.  How ironic for a black man to swear an oath to a constitution that stated that blacks were property, and only 3/5 of a human being.

Regardless of some of his socialistic ideas, regardless of his aversion to certain Christian principles and beliefs… the truth of his importance as a minority taking the reigns of leadership over this nation that is so deeply rooted and embittered with sin, cannot be ignored and cannot be denied.

Remember… whether it was God’s will or not that he became the leader of this nation, God can use anything and anyone for His good and purpose.

I did not vote for Barack Obama, but on this day I thanked God for some of the underlining things surrounding the importance of his election to the office; and an emphatic prayer of covering and absolute blessing over his life and his leadership of this nation was presented before God.

It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the church body, that WE ALL do the same.

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CBR for Wed, Jan 21

Posted by GenX on 21 January, 2009

Genesis 42:18-43:34

Matthew 13:47-14:12

Psalm 18:16-36

Proverbs 4:7-10

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Ron McClelland

Posted by GenX on 20 January, 2009

Ron McClelland of StorySide:B, died of an apparent heart attack on the 18th of Jan while on a cruise.

Please pray for his family and friends during this time.

Ron will be greatly missed!

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